Blizzard Wedding Shower & Bachelorette

This weekend last year was one of the craziest weekends! On April 15-16, 2018, my best friends and Maids of Honor Jess and Kristin hosted my bridal shower and bachelorette party. What we thought would be a beautiful spring weekend turned into the biggest snow storm of the year, a whopping 22 inches and temps in the 20’s! It was absolutely crazy weather and terrible road conditions, but my girlfriends and family managed to pull off all of our plans and we made it to and from our destinations safely! Praise God!


A few days before the weekend, I admit I was freaking out a little when I checked the weather forecast. Everyone was reassuring me it would be okay, but I didn’t want to put those friends and family that would be traveling on the road if it meant it wasn’t safe. Ultimately, we decided to keep our plans and AirBnb reservation and worst case scenario we could cancel at the last minute.


We all traveled to Lakeville, MN for the wedding shower and it had started to get icy with snow starting to build on top. We had the most beautiful shower at my Maid of Honor’s house and you could see the blizzard starting outside. We had a crepe brunch with mimosa’s, opened registry gifts, and played a game where everyone would guess my husband Matt’s answer for me on a series of questions. It was so much fun! By then the blizzard had gotten worse but we made a team decision to travel to our next destination (a secret to me at the time). We hopped in our 3 SUV’s (thank goodness for four wheel drive!!) and started driving to Waconia, MN.


It took us over an hour to get to the winery due to road conditions, and after we got off the main highway, the roads hadn’t been traveled on at all yet. We literally paved the way to the winery! We were scared but our drivers (Niki, Jess, Sarah) did an amazing job staying calm! We got there and had so much fun on our wine tour and tasting, even though we couldn’t enjoy the patio or views outside. Surprisingly, one other bachelorette party made it that day but the rest of the tours had cancelled (no surprise there) 🙂 We only had a little car trouble with Sarah’s car getting stuck in the parking lot, but the Winery manager was nice enough to snow blow her out!


The AirBnb was a short 5 mile drive away, but the conditions were way worse and we couldn’t see the road very well (I tried sticking my head out the window to see, but that didn’t work very well). Finally we made it and worked together to unload everything from the car. 17 girls in one house guarantees a lot of stuff!! The house was so cute and the perfect size for all of us! It overlooked Lake Waconia, but the views were blocked due to the snow. We had snacks, dinner from the bar/restaurant down the block (the only place that stayed open), drinks, and played some games! My favorite game was salad bowls with all of the girls, it similar to catch phrase but everyone writes down a few of their own words and mixes them up in the bowl! Before going out down the street to the local bar, we had a dance party in the AirBnb and danced the night away! Special shout out to Niki for being our driver the whole night 🙂


Before heading back to the Twin Cities, we all grabbed coffee at the local coffee shop and packed up the AirBnb. The aftermath of the storm was pretty crazy. We saw at least 30 cars in the ditch on our 30 mile drive back and the roads were plowed just enough to make it back. We all made it back safely and the girls made their way back home, despite bad conditions and cancelled flights.


A huge thank you to my friends and family that made #BrookesBlizzardBachelorette a weekend I will never forget! They all were excellent sports and made sure I had the best weekend possible no matter what the weather. I am so thankful!!


The next weekend, Matt’s family hosted a beautiful shower for me in Hudson, WI. Luckily, my Grandma’s who couldn’t travel in the snow the weekend before were able to come to this shower instead. It was so fun to spend time with Matt’s aunts and cousins. They gave us marriage advice, we had lunch at the local favorite Italian restaurant, and opened registry gifts. And only a week later, all of the snow had melted and the temps were in the 60’s!!

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