From Cribbage to Marriage

Our love story began one cold night in La Crosse over winter break of our junior year. There were very few people around campus, so there wasn’t much to do. My roommate and now groomsman Jerod begged me to go to a get together near our house. I finally agreed, we got dressed and headed to the party. We arrived at a house that was completely dark with no music playing, no lights on, or any sign of human life. We walked in to find Brooke and 3 of her bridesmaids in their pajamas…. I looked at Jerod and said “what is this” and he replied, “I knew if I told you this was were I was going you wouldn’t come, so I lied.” Luckily it ended up being the first step to our future. Brooke and I ended up being partners during a card game. She was horrible and kept blaming our losses on me (which was impossible). We did not win a game but it was a step in the right direction. Our next interaction took place a few months later at the UWL Senior-Citizen Prom. All of the student-athletes got dressed up and hosted a prom for senior citizens in the area. I literally swept Brooke off her feet on the dance floor (if I do say so myself) and little did we know we would become dance partners for life.

It was a few months before we bumped into each other again. I remember thinking that if I saw her again I would ask her out on a date. I got my chance and we exchanged phone numbers. Then the waiting game ensued (can never appear too eager). She caved and texted me first wishing me luck at our football game (we lost of course). I asked her to go out to a local favorite for dinner and she agreed. Our first date went fantastic and we spent the whole evening talking, laughing, and getting to know each other. Then the craziest thing happened. I vividly remember the feeling I had after that date. I was so fulfilled and happy, and I remember walking up the front step of my college house all by myself. Something just hit me and I said out loud “Matthew, you’re going to marry that girl someday.”

After a few months and a few more dates I decided to make it official and asked Brooke to be my girlfriend by dealing the question to her in a game of cribbage. She said I would never surprise her but I think I did and she surprised me by saying yes. Between dating and the engagement we have had many amazing memories. I remember the first place that I told Brooke I loved her. It was at Christian and Sierra Hallingstad’s wedding which took place at the same venue we will be hosting ours. During the dance I pulled Brooke aside and we went outside on the dock down by the water where we danced; I swallowed my nerves and told her. She said she did too and the rest is history.

The dock outside of The Waterfront Restaurant would become a very special place for Brooke and I. That is why I thought it would be the best place to ask Brooke to be my wife. I came up with an elaborate plan to get Brooke to naturally go out to dinner with Sarah and Justin Zezulka, except we took a detour to our spot by the water before going in. My sister Sarah Krier was hiding in the bushes ready to snap pictures. We danced and talked about our future together before I took her hand and popped the question. SHE SAID YES!! We then went to a private room at the restaurant where we were greeted by family and friends.

Since May 20, 2017 Brooke and I have began planning our lives together and have never looked back. Not only are Brooke and I starting the next chapter of our lives together, but we will also be doing it in a new place. Our first home as a married couple is in Salt Lake City, Utah. Thank you for all the love and support you have shown Brooke and I and we hope you will visit us in our new home. This is our love story. But this love story has only just begun.

With love,

Matthew and Brooke Krier

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