July 4th in Utah

We spent the 4th with a group of midwest friends at Silver lake reservoir in American Fork Canyon. Unlike WI and MN, lake life is hard to come by in Utah. There are a few reservoirs that you can swim in within driving distance of the city, so we packed up for the day and drove down south about an hour! It was worth the early drive so we could get there before traffic and get a prime spot on the beach!

Some of our friends brought paddle boards, games like spike ball and bag toss, and floaties to keep us entertained all day! It was a beautiful sunny day and the perfect temps up higher in elevation! We spent the whole day on the water, BBQ’d, and played games. Another plus to this reservoir is that no motor boats are allowed, so you can swim, kayak, canoe, or float freely without having to look out for boats! It was a blast and we will definitely be back next summer. However, I would suggest going in June and July, when we went in August the reservoir had drained to almost half its size due to the dry air and heat. It wasn’t the same, so we decided to go to a reservoir close by (Tibblefork) to enjoy the water more!

We hope to make some trips next summer to the bigger and more popular lakes in UT, including Lake Powell down south near AZ and Bear Lake up north near ID!

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