Labor Day Weekend Hikes

My sister-in-law Sarah came to visit us for labor day weekend, and we filled the weekend with so many hikes and activities close to the city! We managed to find 4 hikes out of 5 that we hadn’t done already, and they are now some of my favorites! Also, we learned to fly fish from my husband Matt! I’m going to outline all of the hikes on this post so you can try them too!


This hike is 3.4 miles round trip and 616 ft of elevation. It’s located between emigration canyon and I-80, so it’s a perfect week night hike after work! We loved the views of the canyon and reservoir below. It’s starting to turn fall colors already there too which reminds me of home 🙂


This hike is 3 mile roundtrip hike with 900 ft of elevation located at Brighton Resort. We did this hike Friday night just before sunset and it was so beautiful looking down the canyon! I’ve done this hike a few times before but never at sunset and I’m so excited to being skiing here in a few months!


This trail is 4.3 miles and 1800 ft of elevation located near Alta resort. We went on this hike Saturday with a group of friends, and the views were amazing at the top! Lots of elevation climb, but it was worth it to see the entire Little Cottonwood and Big Cottonwood Canyons from the highest point. I would definitely recommend this hike for a weekend, however it gets very sunny mid-day, so try to stick to a earlier hike.


After our hike we went straight to Oktoberfest at Snowbird Ski Resort, just down the road from Alta. My family and friends from back home celebrate Oktoberfest every year, so it was fun to be back celebrating in a new place! The live music, polka dancing, brats, and beer reminded me so much of home. It’s set right at the base of the mountain, which gives you great views! We had food, drinks, played cards, and listened to music for the afternoon. Definitely a new Utah tradition that we will enjoy every fall!



This hike is 7 miles and 2700 ft of elevation, and is rated as hard. This hike took up about half of our day Sunday, but it was worth it! The views the whole way up are beautiful and its a gradual increase the whole way. We took lots of breaks and finally made it to the top after about 2.5 hours. The lake is so pretty set into the mountains and there are so many lookout points and places to relax at the top. We spent over an hour at the top relaxing in our hammocks and enjoying lunch before descending. I’m planning to do this hike again in the fall and hopefully there will be snow on the mountain tops!


Matt taught Sarah and I how to fly fish this weekend. Fly fishing is something my Dad has done regularly when we were growing up, and I finally tried it! We went to the lower Provo river near Heber City, UT, about 45 min away from the city. It was a beautiful location and it’s perfect for trout fishing. It was fun to learn the technique and I even got a bite on my first try (but didn’t actually catch the fish 🙂 ). Overall it was a fun experience!


This trail is a 2.7 mile round trip hike with 528 ft of elevation. It was perfect to do after fly fishing in the morning and on our way home from Heber City, UT. It’s right along I-80 at the top of a neighboorhood, so it offers great views without a lot of effort. It’s popular for mountain bikers and allows dogs, so be careful if they come fast around corners.

Overall we had an amazing Labor Day Weekend and I can’t wait to share more hikes that we love near Salt Lake City!

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