Wasatch Wednesday’s 2019

This summer I joined my friend’s hiking group Wasatch Wednesday’s. They pick a hike in the Wasatch mountain range near the Salt Lake Valley to do every Wednesday after work. I made it to most of the hikes, and it got me in great hiking shape and it’s a perfect way to break up the work week! I’m going to share the details and a few pictures from each hike, so it can help those planning out hikes in SLC! I’ve loved getting to know everyone in this group and I’m sad it’s already over for the season. It was 25 degrees last night on our final hike, so now I’m ready for ski season starting next month!


This hike is 2.8 miles with 1,364 ft of elevation. It was the first hike of the season, so we were a little rusty! The foothills were so green and the mountains were snow capped in the background. It was steep at parts but it was a great way to kick off the season!


This hike is 3.5 Miles with 1942 ft of elevation. It starts in a neighborhood in Cottonwood Heights and follows a river the whole way up to the top. There is a rock wall to climb across that leads to a beautiful waterfall! There are steep parts to this hike, so bring appropriate hiking shoes!


This hike is 4.2 miles with 2090 ft of elevation. It’s located in the foothills and has great views of the city and Wasatch. It is steep but I would suggest going early summer, before the foothills lose their green color and wildflowers!


This hike is 3.3 miles with 817 ft of elevation. It’s in Mill Creek Canyon, so it has a combo of canyon and city views at the end. It steep at first and then connects with the Pipeline trail and flattens out. I would suggest this in the evening, spring, or fall, when the colors are popping!


This trail is 3.1 miles with 1,535 ft of elevation. It is very steep, but the trail is beautiful and has great canyon views. It’s short, so you can fit it in after work before sunset.


This trail is 5.6 miles with 1,820 ft of elevation. There are multiple ways to get to Dog Lake, but this trail is my favorite. It’s gradual, except the last half mile is steep. The dogs at this lake were so entertaining. We had a great time seeing all of the wild flowers and dogs!


This trail is 2.3 miles with 758 ft of elevation. It starts at the Lake Solitude trail and goes up on the backside. It’s a short hike, so it’s perfect for a week night! There are a few steep sections, but it’s mostly gradual and has a beautiful lake at the top.


This trail is 5.5 miles and about 2,000 (or more?) ft of elevation. It’s not listed on All Trails, so you can find the hike on the back side of the Cecret Lake trail at Alta Ski Resort. It follows the ski run up to the top where Snowbird and Alta split. The last section is extremely steep, and you basically climb up the side of the mountain to the peak. The reward is so worth it! The views are of Little Cottonwood Canyon, and the surrounding peaks. The sunset was gorgeous that night, we saw a moose, and captured the most beautiful pictures.


This trail is 4.4 miles and 1,243 ft of elevation. It’s located at Brighton Ski Resort, and passes the Lake Mary Trail on the way. The views are great in the summer and fall, and we saw my favorite mountain sunset on the way down! This is one of my favorite after work hikes.


This trail is 4.1 miles and 1325 ft of elevation, located in Mill Creek Canyon. It’s a gradual hike with great fall foliage, and it leads to a city overlook. The sunsets are great on this hike, and I love it during all seasons since it’s shaded!

9/18 PEAK 10,420

This hike is 1.2 miles and 682 ft of elevation, located at Guardsman Pass at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon. It’s short and very steep, but the fall colors on either side of the Peak are beautiful. We had a cold, windy night, but the sunset was unreal over the Park City side!


This trail is 2.2 miles and 630 ft of elevation, located in Big Cottonwood Canyon. This is a loop trail, with the left side being more gradual and great for beginner hikers. We almost always see moose on this hike, and the aspen groves in the fall are amazing!


This trail is 3 miles and 530 ft of elevation, also located in Big Cottonwood Canyon. It’s the most touristy hike in the Wasatch, but we went on a chilly night (25 degrees!), so we only saw a few others and got a parking spot at the trailhead. The trail is easy, until you get to the falls where you have to climb up a slippery rock wall. I was impressed with the falls, and we got to go into the cave to view the “donut” looking section. The fall foliage is great, but it’s almost gone by mid October. Overall, it was a great way to end the season! Looking forward to hiking season 2020 🙂


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