Fall 2019

Matt and I were able to fit in so many fall activities and hikes these past few weeks in Utah! I’m sharing a little bit about everything we’ve been able to do on the weekends while the leaves are changing. Fall in the mountains is coming to a close in the next week or two, but the fall temps in the city are perfect right now! I love that about Utah, once one season ends in the mountains, it begins in the city (or vice versa with winter to spring).


This drive is my favorite fall tradition we started this year. We went 2 weekends ago when the colors were in peak, and we loved it! We went early in the morning to beat traffic since it is a very windy and skinny road (barely big enough for 2 cars to pass each other at times). We stopped at pull outs along the way and went for a hike at the summit. My favorite area was at Sundance with Mt Timpanogos views and on the way down towards the American Fork side. We did the ridge line trail at the summit, and we found the most beautiful trees and views there! We detoured a bit and did some connecting trails from the same parking lot as well. It was way more crowded after noon when we were leaving!


On the way home from the Alpine Loop Drive we stopped at Mabey’s Farm in South Jordan. It was a back yard farm and pumpkin patch that wasn’t too touristy! We didn’t have to fight crowds and were able to explore and grab some smaller pumpkins for our decor. We only spent $10 which was so nice! I would recommend this patch for those who don’t have kids, since there are not many activities/things to do besides pick pumpkins.


We’ve done a few of our favorite hikes in Mill Creek this fall. Rattlesnake Gulch is a favorite hike of mine with only 600ish ft of elevation and 3 miles long. The fall colors last weekend were the brightest red orange and yellow I’ve ever seen in this canyon. I was in love!

Lamb’s Canyon Pass was another favorite hike this fall. It’s 3 miles with 1500 ft of elevation, so parts of it are very steep! I would recommend using good hiking shoes with grip for the way down. We did it from the Mt Aire trail head on the Mill Creek side and the fall colors were just starting. I will definitely be hiking from this trail head again next year!

Murdock Peak is a 7 mile trail with 1900 ft of elevation, starting from the very end of Mill Creek road. We hit the back end of the fall colors changing, but it was still a beautiful trail! It ends at the top of Canyon’s Ski Resort, so I believe you can hike this from either side. The trail wasn’t very clearly marked at the top, so we followed the directions from All Trails.

Neff’s Canyon is located just outside of Mill Creek Canyon, in one of the surrounding neighborhoods. There is a 6.5 mile trail with 3000 ft of elevation and a smaller 1.5 mile loop with 400 ft of elevation at the same trail head. We did the shorter loop and caught the sunset at the end! It was the perfect after work hike and the fall colors are in full bloom mid October! Can’t wait to make this one of our sunset viewing spots in the future!



We did two hikes in Big Cottonwood Canyon this fall, including Willow Heights and Donut Falls. You can find pictures from these hikes in my Wasatch Wednesday 2019 blog post!



Last Saturday we went to Oktoberfest at Snowbird, one of my favorite fall stops! We went the very last weekend to celebrate a friend’s birthday, but I was also able to bring some Midwest friends along! We spent the afternoon there and it was fun catching up with everyone we haven’t seen in a while, while drinking some good local beer. Matt and I brought our own stein, and it saved us so much money on beer refills! On the way home we stopped at Porcupine Bar & Grill for dinner in Cottonwood Heights, and they were having an Oktoberfest themed weekend. It was a great way to end the day!


East Canyon is on the way to Park City, and it meets up with Emigration Canyon Road. I hadn’t been to this canyon yet while living here, and it had my favorite fall colors! Last Friday I hiked the top part of the Mormon Pioneer Trail with some girl friends! It’s 3 miles long with about 700 ft of elevation, and it starts from the summit and goes down. The whole trail is about 20 miles, but we did a small section that had beautiful fall colors! It’s popular for mountain bikers, but we only saw a few others on the trail that night.

Last weekend we did a fall Photo Shoot with our friends Sam and Katie, and it was right in the peak of the fall colors! I have some IPhone shots from that night when we saw the sunset, but you can see my last blog post “Fall Photo Shoot” for all of the pictures Sam took for us!

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