Big Sky Ski Trip

This past weekend Matt and I road tripped with 6 other friends to Big Sky Resort in Montana. This resort is on our Ikon Ski Pass and has been one of my bucket list resorts to visit! We left Friday after work and drove back Sunday late afternoon, so we were able to fit in one full ski day and a half day. It’s a 5-6 hour drive to the resort from SLC depending on weather conditions, so it was a lot of driving for a normal weekend but it was worth it! We stayed in West Yellowstone about an hour from the resort to save money and get more space for the 8 of us staying there. We loved our Airbnb, but the roads to get to the resort are very remote and snowy so they usually require a 4WD SUV for safety. We loved skiing at Big Sky, it’s higher elevation so it has great snow conditions and the most runs I’ve ever skied at one place. We loved the long and wide blue and green runs, and there were a few heated chairlifts which helped block the cold temps. We already can’t wait to go back next year and stay for a longer weekend!




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