DIY Kitchen Remodel

For the past month or so, Matt and I have been working tirelessly on making cosmetic updates in our home before we settle in. We moved in about a month ago, and Matt has been painting the kitchen cabinets ever since while I tackled painting the walls and unpacking and organizing our things. He finished last week, and now we are able to unpack and fully use our kitchen. I couldn’t me more excited with the results! I wanted to share the details of the process and what paint we used for anyone else out there DIY remodeling!

First, we decided on painting the cabinets white with black hardware. We liked the idea of white/grey walls, white cabinets, grey furniture, and black and wood accents in our home. We started by visiting the local Sherwin Williams for primer and paint, and Home Depot for a power sander, TSP wood cabinet cleaner, and we ordered new black handles on their website. Because of the texture of our oak cabinets, we went with the shellac primer and the pro classic semi-gloss paint for interior wood in the High Reflective White color. Matt washed and power sanded each cabinet and door before priming and putting 2 coats of paint on. He also hand sanded between coats to get rid of brush strokes and clumps. He used a brush for the detailed parts of our cabinets, and a foam roller for the backs and flat parts of the cabinets. After painting a few cabinets at a time and letting them dry overnight, I spray painted the old bronze hinges white and we were able to put the cabinets back on with the new black hardware. We ordered the Lindley 3 in.Center-to-Center Matte Black Drawer Pull and love how they look! For now, we are keeping the white laminate countertops and tile floor, but someday we hope to update those and extend the kitchen into the small dining room adjacent.


Matt also did the same process to our bathroom cabinets, and it brings a new and bright look to the home. We have a few more cosmetic updates to the bathroom fixtures and then those will be complete! Our home is slowly coming together and we can’t wait to do a few more projects on the basement and yard next!

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