Jackson Hole Ski Trip

The first weekend in March Matt and I road tripped to Jackson, WY to ski with 6 of our Midwest friends that live in Salt Lake. We have visited Jackson a few times during the summer, but this was our first time skiing there. The city and ski resort are so beautiful during the winter! We drove up Friday after work, skied a full day Saturday, half day Sunday, and drove home that night. We stayed right in downtown Jackson about 20 min from the resort, and it was great to be in walking distance to restaurants and bars. We enjoyed dinner at Snake River Brewery and got drinks at the Cowboy Bar Saturday night. We also ate at a few restaurants at the ski resort during the day. The temps were warm and the conditions were slushy and icy in patches, making it the first weekend of spring skiing. The terrain is for intermediate to advanced with mostly double blue and black runs, so we were definitely sore after day 1! Day 2 was a little bit more relaxed, and we had time to explore most of the mountain in one weekend. We took the tram up to the summit to finish out the day Sunday before heading home. It was a great last ski trip with friends and we can’t wait to explore new resorts on the Ikon Pass next season! Writing this blog over a month later, it’s crazy to think that this was our last full weekend skiing for the season before all of the resorts shut down due to Covid. We would normally be spring skiing until this past weekend, but we will just have to wait until November. We are definitely ready for hiking and camping season!

February Visitors

This month was full of visitors and we couldn’t be happier! It was so fun to have both Matt and I’s friends in town from the Midwest to ski.

The first weekend in February we had my college friend Kelly visit from Phoenix and my childhood friend Brooke from Chicago in town for a ski weekend. The first day we skied Solitude and the conditions were amazing after a 5 day snowstorm! We grilled out and ended the day by going to Deer Valley for the Aerial and Mogul World Championships. The competition was intense and so much fun to watch! On Sunday we skied at Brighton for a half day and it was perfect conditions! It was a short weekend but worked out perfect to have both of them in town at the same time.

For President’s Day weekend we had my college friend Kristin in town. She was helping plan our friend Lauren’s Baby Shower, so we spent most of the day Saturday planning and celebrating her! We had dinner and spent time at Top Golf later that night with Lauren and her family. We ended the night with beer and games with some friends at Proper Brewery. On Sunday we had a chill morning with breakfast and yoga with Kristin since the weather was crappy, and later that day she spent some time with other friends in Salt Lake. On Monday I joined Kristin and our friend Maggie for the day at Solitude Ski Resort. The girls were able to ski while I worked from the lodge. It was a great long weekend catching up with Kristin and our other girl friends in SLC!

This past weekend we had Matt’s college and high school friends in town from Wisconsin. They came for four ski days and we had six people total in our one bedroom apartment. It was one giant slumber party and so much fun! We spent Thursday skiing Park City and ended the ski day at our favorite rooftop on Main Street, No Name Saloon, for drinks and apps. Everyone skied on the Canyons side of Park City on Friday while I went to work, and I met up with them for dinner at Wasatch Brewery that night. On Saturday we spent the morning at Brighton Resort, it was fun to explore the Millie side of the resort. Sunday morning we skied at Snowbird Ski Resort in Little Cottonwood Canyon. It was our first time there and we loved the terrain and views. It’s steep and a little intimidating going down, but we’re excited to go more the rest of the season. After skiing we tried In N Out for the first time and it was actually pretty impressed! We packed up and went to dinner at Porcupine Bar & Grill before our friends went to the airport.

Overall it was a crazy busy month and we have this weekend to relax and celebrate another friend’s baby shower before heading to Jackson Hole Ski Resort beginning of March! We love having visitors and all of the winter activities we can do here in Utah!















Big Sky Ski Trip

This past weekend Matt and I road tripped with 6 other friends to Big Sky Resort in Montana. This resort is on our Ikon Ski Pass and has been one of my bucket list resorts to visit! We left Friday after work and drove back Sunday late afternoon, so we were able to fit in one full ski day and a half day. It’s a 5-6 hour drive to the resort from SLC depending on weather conditions, so it was a lot of driving for a normal weekend but it was worth it! We stayed in West Yellowstone about an hour from the resort to save money and get more space for the 8 of us staying there. We loved our Airbnb, but the roads to get to the resort are very remote and snowy so they usually require a 4WD SUV for safety. We loved skiing at Big Sky, it’s higher elevation so it has great snow conditions and the most runs I’ve ever skied at one place. We loved the long and wide blue and green runs, and there were a few heated chairlifts which helped block the cold temps. We already can’t wait to go back next year and stay for a longer weekend!




Our First Utah Ski Season Recap

This was our first winter in Utah, so we wanted to take full advantage of the ski season! I’ve been skiing since I was 3, but only in Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan. I took Matt skiing a few times at Mt. La Crosse in our college town, but it was his first full season here in Utah. We got season passes to Brighton, a local Utah resort and were able to try a few other resorts with my corporate ski passes at work.


We’ve spent most of our season skiing at Brighton since we have an unlimited pass here. It’s been a great learning experience for us both, and it was the perfect place for Matt to learn. There are plenty of green and blue runs with lower elevation change for us to practice and improve our skiing! I love the atmosphere here, its a blend of college kids and young adults, and it is very relaxed and laid back. The resort sits at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon, so the views are incredible of the Wasatch and Heber Valley.


This resort is right next to Brighton, and our season pass gets us 2 ski days here. We’ve gone once in January and on closing day in April, and we had so much fun exploring the resort. It definitely has a different vibe, with nicer lodges and less crowds, and less young adults. The terrain is steeper and has more blue and black runs, so it was a great resort to try later in the season. It was a powder day both times, so we had great snow conditions and got to try so many new runs due to no lines!


This resort is well known for tourists and groomed runs. It’s tucked away in Park City and it’s a ski only resort. It’s the most expensive resort in Utah, but luckily our Brighton pass gives us 2 free days here. We felt a little out of place with how fancy this resort is, but it’s so fun! There are over 20 chairlifts, so the runs are endless and you can try so many areas of the resort in one day. I’ve gone once on a bluebird day and once on a powder day, and each experience was so much fun. I’d highly recommend trying this resort!


Matt and I went to this resort with my work passes, and it was a great experience! We only explored one side of the resort near downtown, but there is so much more to see. The resort is the most well known resort in Utah and it has a lot of tourists. We went during the week so it was less crowded. I met people from all over the world on the chairlifts and we tried a different run the whole day. The runs are very wide, groomed, and perfect for someone new to skiing in the mountains. There is a wide variety of terrain throughout the resort.


My friend Maggie and I went to Alta on a powder day with my work passes! This is the only other ski only resort besides Deer Valley. It was my first time skiing during a white out blizzard and we had so much fun. The terrain was so amazing and it was my first time using my new all mountain skis, and it felt great to move through the powder so easily. We skied both sides of the resort, and I liked the east side at the top of the canyon the most. It was less crowded and there are more tree runs to explore. You can take a tow rope between each side and that was unique!


Matt and I went to Snow Basin up in Ogden Canyon with my work passes. It’s about an hour north of Salt Lake, but it’s so worth it! The views here are so different from the Cottonwood Canyons but it is a beautiful resort. The lodges here are fancier and it was fun to explore all sides of the mountain. There were very few people on the day we went, so we had the runs to ourselves and the snow was amazing the day after a snowstorm!


I went to the Canyons side of Park City with my work passes while my friend Emily was in town from the Midwest. We got to meet up with a few other friends from Minnesota and ski most of the resort. I loved this resort because there were over 20 chairlifts, and you could ski a different run all day! Most of this side of the resort is blue runs, so it wasn’t as touristy as the Park City side. There are plenty of cat track runs as well, so you can soak in the views while skiing. The snow conditions weren’t the best because of the warm temps, but it felt so good to be warm while skiing! We even got pretty sunburnt that day. Can’t wait to try this resort again next year!


















Opening Weekend at Brighton

This weekend I went skiing for the first time in Utah, and it was a blast! I’ve been skiing my whole life in WI and once in CO, but I’m so excited to have a season pass to a mountain ski resort right in my back yard 🙂 My friend Maggie and I went Sunday morning right away to pick up our season passes and hop on the chairlifts that were open! They were making snow with the machines, but Brighton already had a good base of snow from the past month. They were able to open before any of the other Utah ski resorts! There were 3 chairlifts and about 8 runs open, ranging from Green (easy) to Blue (moderate) difficulty. The trails were perfectly groomed in the morning and got a bit icey in the afternoon, so it was worth it to start early and beat the afternoon crowds! We went on about 15 runs and left around 2pm. We met up with some other friends and coworkers as well, and we all grabbed a beer in the Chalet at the end of our day. I can’t wait to go all season long and when all of the lifts and ski runs are open 🙂 Praying for lots of snow this Thanksgiving weekend!